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Create Stunning Polls & Ratings in Minutes

Engage your audience. Collect more leads. Generate more sales

Interact with Mints App 2.0 and Discover The New Possibility in Engaging Audience, Converting Leads & Acquiring Customers Using Polls & Customer-Driven Funnels

New Flagship Design for Polls & Customers-Driven Funnels
Over the past year, we've been heavily focused on increasing the attention & engagement a mints app campaign generates and after lots of split-tests, we've discovered the perfect framing that gets the most audience interaction and we've built it into the mints app 2.0.

Binary Campaigns

The flagship campaign model that powered our entire customer-driven funnel technology has been given a much needed makeover and it now converts better than the previous version, we've split tested over and over before rolling out this new design.

Classic-Mints Campaigns

Our newest, most powerful and most profitable money maker... this new designs only seen inside 2.0 brings the classic polling model with modern design to life and no wonder, it gets lots of results much more than our other models.
New Performance-Driven Engine with Upgraded Audience Engagement Modules
If you pay a closer look to the new funnel designs, you'll notice some very important elements that have been pre-tested and pre-positioned to dramatically increase interaction

Quick Customer Ratings

Now, you'll be able to engage your audience and find out if they love doing home workouts or dieting to lose weight so you know exactly which of your audience would buy that your Hardcore Home DVD Workout challenge even before it hits the shelves.

Star Ratings

Another newly introduced classic that has taken our bilateral interface technology to a whole new level in marketing your products, more importantly pay attention to the new PVA template, it has been fully remodeled.
Engage & Collect Opinions on Your Websites in Real Time
Mints App 2.0 allows your to embed your customer-driven funnels in literally anywhere including Blog posts, eCommerce stores, landing pages etc. so you'll never loose another visitor

Don't lose any visitor on your website. Sell products, collect leads

Get Comments and Feedback. Interact the New Way

We've redefinied customer-driven funnels and poll marketing with this new feature, it now allows you to connect deeper with the audience and take your personalized marketing to a whole new level
Attract, Capture & Sell in Minutes

With the upgraded PVA (post-vote-action) technology built into the mints app 2.0, you won't just be able to interact and engage customers, you'll now be able to turn all that action sales by offering discounts, coupon codes, running special offers etc. This is perfect for selling eCommerce offers, physcial products and for local busineses too.
Engage, Collect more leads and Grow your business

Easily grow your email list with super-charged ready to buy customers every single day using mints app as your personal lead generation machine
Instant Viral Share and Social Traffic

Turn mints app 2.0 into your personal traffic machine... we've perfected the design ffor customer-driven funnels that will have your audience sharing your content like wildfire, if you want traffic fast... this is the tool to use.
Design from the ground up with you in mind

Pixel-Perfect UI & Cloud-Based

Professionally organized crisp display, our production team worked late into the night to perfect the millions of pixels powering the interface of this amazing marketing software and to make sure it's so easy to use and that you always have full access - we built everything & hosted it in the cloud for you. NO NEED to download or install anything... just login and start enjoying the experience!

Fully Responsive

Mints is ready for you to create & track the performance of your campaigns on the go while your audience also view your campaigns and take desired actions on any platform (desktop, tablet, mboile phones) - WE ARE MOBILE READY!

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